Year after year "Maxima S.r.l." led by Francesco Floretti, maintains top quality and style of "Made in Italy products". Combining fashion and practicality Maxima, located in Milan, Italy, offers "100% Made in Italy" leather handbags at truly exceptional prices.

Good design does not necessarily mean extra complications. These no-nonsense bags are both fashionable and practical. They are effortlessly stylish, colorful and fun. Maxima bags are made from top quality Tuscan leather and you can choose from several hues that best suit you.



The Lipault lady changes bags and cases like dresses and shoes to suit her taste day to day. Joyful and daring, she mixes and matches colours and models to coordinate with her outfit. From handbags to travel bags, briefcases and suitcases, in its 10th year, Lipault has established itself as the colourful Parisian bag brand.


Il Bisonte

The Il Bisonte style team works to combine aesthetic pleasure with functionality, letting materials keep their primary role.

Leather cutting, splitting, thinning, hand-sewn details. Each stage of the process is carried out by expert hands, which are the expression of the best Tuscan handicraft skills. Qualified eyes and hands carefully check each Il Bisonte creation, always referring to an essential standard of high quality.