Boss Green

BOSS Green is the premium sportswear collection by HUGO BOSS for fashion-oriented men and women. BOSS Green fashion transcends the boundaries between stylish casual wear and technical golf apparel, creating a fashionable, yet sporty all round look. Trend-conscious and sporty men and women will love the casual authenticity of the BOSS Green collection. Discover the BOSS Green collection at our store.



The Kipling story is one of great passion, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. In 1987, three friends in the fashion capital of the world (Antwerp rules!) decided that women needed high-quality bags that were iconic and chic and feminine and fashionable and… not boring! So they created a line of casual and colorful bags that were affordable, sporty and functional, packed with attitude but never serious or stuffy or stuck-up. In a word… FUN! They named the brand Kipling, after the well-known and well-travelled author Rudyard Kipling.


Hugo Boss

BOSS for Men is the HUGO BOSS premium brand for modern men who value classic elegance. Choose from a wide selection of business wear, sportswear, shoes and accessories at our store and customize your individual look. Don't compromise quality for style: BOSS fashion stands out with elegant designs and premium quality, and satisfies the most sophisticated tastes!